UL recognizes the importance of groundwater management in West Texas due to its geographical positioning over several major and minor aquifers. As a result, UL has made substantial investments in groundwater management and conservation strategies and fully supports the re-cycling of produced water to preclude the use of groundwater.

In 2013, UL published its comprehensive Groundwater Management Plan, which focuses on evaluating water supply and demand, refining drilling and production of water wells, promoting the utilization of the Dockum (Santa Rosa) Aquifer, and developing best practices for efficient water use.

UL also takes responsibility for the proper termination of unproductive oil and gas leases by issuing restoration demand letters to lessees outlining the necessary actions for lease restoration. Plugging and abandonment of oil and gas wells on terminated leases per the regulations of the Railroad Commission of Texas safeguards the aquifers and ensures that the quality of the existing groundwater is preserved.

Additionally, UL maintains a comprehensive inventory of water wells which are owned by companies performing various operations on UL property, ensuring that when wells are no longer needed they are properly plugged by licensed drillers.