What We’re Doing
  • Aerial Flyovers – UL conducts flyovers of the PUF Lands to identify releases and requires immediate corrective action in the case that a spill is identified.
  • Unannounced Lease Inspections – UL conducts unannounced lease inspections to oversee permitting, environmental compliance and general housekeeping.
  • Seeding Requirements – As a project nears its end, UL’s prescribed restoration requirements aim to return the land to its native condition. Re-seeding requirements are provided for in the UL Rangeland Seed Mixtures Guide.
  • Spill Guidance – UL provides operators with step-by-step guidance on how any releases must be reported and remediated.
  • UL Oil & Gas Field Manual – All operators working on PUF Lands must comply with the Surface Operations Field Manual of Required Operating Procedures for Oil & Gas Leases which contains requirements spanning all phases of upstream and midstream development.
When Releases Occur

While Texas regulators require operators to report crude oil and condensate spills greater than 5 barrels in volume, UL requires that all releases on PUF Lands be reported, including releases of produced water, which is currently not regulated at the state level. Operators must complete soil remediation within one month of release occurrence and will be assessed damages per the UL Rate and Damage Schedule.