UL's proactive approach to environmental protection begins with routine aerial flyovers to identify spills, which are promptly addressed through immediate corrective action when observed. Stringent reporting standards are maintained, requiring operators to report all releases on PUF Lands, including produced water, even though it may not be regulated at the state level.

Ground level, unannounced lease inspections are also performed to ensure environmental compliance and proper housekeeping. To ensure thorough and timely cleanup, UL provides remediation guidance and oversight of these activities.

To efficiently manage the remediation process, UL offers a step-by-step spill guidance document for reporting and handling spills and releases. Soil remediation must be completed within one month, and damages are assessed based on the current UL Rate and Damage Schedule.

As part of the reclamation process, UL aims to restore the land to its native conditions. This is achieved through prescribed restoration requirements, including re-seeding guidelines provided in the UL Rangeland Seed Mixtures Guide.

In line with UL's commitment to environmental responsibility, the UL Oil & Gas Field Manuel mandates compliance with required operating procedures throughout all phases of upstream and midstream development.

Additionally, restoration demand letters are issued to lessees whose leases have expired or terminated, and UL closely monitors clean-up activities to effectively reclaim and return the land to pastureland.