Best Practices: Fence H-Braces

H-Braces shall be constructed and installed according to the following specifications and photos.

Dimensions, Materials, Construction, and Installation:
  1. All pipe used for verticals, horizontals, and diagonals shall be a minimum of 2 7/8 inch pipe and all joints shall be welded.
  2. Three holes shall be dug with a minimum hole diameter of 12 inches and 4 feet deep. The center of the holes shall be 8 feet apart in line with the existing fence or new fence to be built.
  3. All vertical pipe shall be buried with cement a minimum of 4 feet below ground level and capped at the top.
  4. The vertical pipe shall be 9 feet in total length (4 feet buried with 5 feet sticking above ground level) with a 5 foot pipe for the stob/kicker (4 feet buried with 1 foot sticking above ground level).
  5. One horizontal brace shall be welded, parallel to the ground, between the two 9 foot vertical pipes at a distance of 4 feet (48 inches) from ground level.
  6. The diagonal brace shall be welded at this height angling down to the top of the stob pipe.
  7. Painting of the pipe is not required although it is recommended.
  8. H-Brace Detail (Grayscale).pdf
H-Frame Example
Example of H-Brace