Geographically positioned over many major and minor aquifers, University Lands (UL) plays a key role in groundwater management issues in West Texas. UL’s long-term management horizon necessitates that water use across UL acreage must be monitored and conserved with allowance for increased economic activity.

UL takes its role in groundwater management seriously and has invested significant resources in our groundwater management strategy.

In 2013, UL published its Groundwater Management Plan to evaluate supply and demand; refine water well drilling and production; promote use of the Dockum (Santa Rosa) Aquifer; and develop best practices for efficient water use. The Plan establishes guidelines and rules to conserve, protect, and prevent the waste of groundwater on UL acreage.

In 2015, UL Published the Water Well Inventory Database. The public can search for water wells and completion data across UL.